COBRA On Line College Affiliate Access for Students & Corporations

COBRA On Line College Affiliate Access for Students & Corporations

COBRA On Line College Affiliate Access for Students & Corporations
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Product Description

Authorized training centers can grant access to current students and corporations to add tremendous value to their clients.

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The retail cost for the COBRA College subscription is $399. Authorized training centers can purchase access to the on line college for a fraction of the cost.

This leverage will close more sales and add great incentive for current clients to renew.

Offering this to corporations along with the seminar training is a great way to close the deal faster with this added incentive.

They will get complete digital training access for:

The entire 10 week academy The Entire 1 day survival camp Active Shooter Seminar Anti-Bully Training Anti- Abduction Training Every Day weapons Seminar

There is also an option for to purchase the FULL ORDER which includes all hard material listed on the site. Manuals, books, t-shirt, DVD and CD.

Hundreds of Videos with tons of bonus videos. They can access the training on any digital device and can review any classes they may have missed.

Companies can also use it for in house training for new hires.

You can Purchase per individual student Graduate that is resigning Corporate Access


ONLY Authorized COBRA centers can purchase access at this cost.

PLEASE INCLUDE in the order notes

Student Name and email so we can create log in credentials.

For Companies please include contact name / company name and email.

Graduate Resigning $20.00 New Student Signing Up $28.00 Corporate Client $48.00 Non Client Referral $55.00

Log in credentials will be created with in 24 hours,

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