2- Day Custom  Executive Business Coaching for COBRA Owners

2- Day Custom Executive Business Coaching for COBRA Owners

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Product Description

All-inclusive price covers travel and training. Outside the U.S. please contact for pricing

Our Business Training is Customized for the specific COBRA Owners Needs. Weather you have a brick and mortar or teach out of multiple locations , this training event is designed to greatly increase your COBRA business progress.

Below is a general template for the 2-day training however it can be changed to suite the owners specific business needs.

Have Chris Sutton Travel to your location to conduct a full 1 day survival camp/ active shooter/Bully seminar for staff & students. Nonstop staff training and coaching while on location from teaching to marketing all of the COBRA-Defense programs.

School owners can charge their students for the 1 day event which generally covers the coaching weekend and can produce positive income for the school /facility.

All-inclusive fee for $1,999.00 covers all IN COUNTRY Coaching weekends. (Cost Covers all expenses-air fare-Hotel-Rentals-Meals-Training hours and any miscellaneous cost)

Many owners have used this Executive Coaching Super Charge their COBRA Programs and create tremendous energy in their school.

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